#YoMeCorono solidarity initiative

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Part of our profits will go to research on covid-19

In times of crisis, several things become apparent. On the one hand, the sustainability of companies/brands, on the other the adaptability that we have as individuals and societies, and on the other, and more importantly, our solidarity and perception of group / humanity.

Small companies like ours, artisan, those of which work remotely and from home to achieve family reconciliation from the beginning, today we have not noticed such a great impact due to the measures of social distancing. Small, local, remote work, conciliation … have turned out to be the only sustainable things at the moment. Let’s not forget it when this happens.

Those people and companies that today are adapting to a new model of society, to another production capacity, those, have shown strength. Above all, those industries that have been re-adapted to be able to lean on their shoulders to provide citizens with what we need the most. Thank you.

The small artisans and designers who, on the one hand, are fortunate to work from the comfort of our homes, although we cannot easily change our production, we can also “stand shoulder to shoulder”. A good way is to donate at least part of our income to help at the research of the virus that is affecting us all, as well as humanity.

We are going to support the #YoMeCorono platform of doctors and researchers, made up of professionals from the Fight Against AIDS Foundation, IrsiCaixa and the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, who are working to respond as soon as possible to the crisis world health.

What is this platform working on?

They have started a pioneering clinical trial, the first approved by the Spanish Medicines Agency, with the aim of defining which drugs will be used to immediately treat the infected and prevent contagion in their contacts. And through another project, they are also working on a vaccine against the virus covid-19.

Together we can with this, let’s make this world a more beautiful and friendly place in which to live. We create beautiful things, let’s also make beautiful things together.

Myriam Moreno

They are looking for volunteers

They are including people in the study. If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone affected, visit: www.estudicovid19.org

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