Raised with Mediterranean and Norse mythology as fairy tales my fascination with ancient myths and cultures was always there. My personal experiences or those of women close to me, my tribe ♡, or women from history and culture that I find interesting, are the themes that inspire me. So, you will see that my collections have names of goddesses, witches, muses and treasures that I find on the beaches of my Valencian land. Pieces with Mediterranean inspiration, with orientalist touches and a lot of magic. Because yes, I believe in magic. You do not?

Hello, I am Myriam Moreno, a lover of my sea, the Mediterranean, its myths and crafts. And we are “us” because my mother (whose name is Mar ♥, which means “sea” in Spanish) helps me with these crazy ideas, but so beautiful, that sometimes I have.

Since a very young age I wanted to travel and learn about other cultures. One of the trips that changed my life was my stay in China. In 798, an old industrial zone in Beijing converted into galleries, and in the famous Liu Li Chang market, I discovered some artworks that led me to consider jewelry as a tool for artistic expression. So on my return to Spain I enrolled in Artistic Jewelry at the EASD in Valencia, ending in 2016 with the Prize for Artistic Education of the Valencian Community.


I make my pieces with love, selecting gems from trusted suppliers and playing with items I find on the beach, such as pebbles, crystals or shells. I love finding new shapes in the stones, carving them and creating drawings and shapes. I am also passionate about Venetian artisan glass work, so you will see that sometimes I create pieces of glass with my blowtorch.

I have traveled a lot alone and with my parents (I traveled 1/2 million km in a Pegaso, and this only before starting school), I have moved several times, but my home, to which I always return, is in Valencia. A house in the countryside, white and blue, where I come to create apart from noise and speed. And where we eat paella on Sundays.

For  know a little more about me, because the things we like define us

I like the sea,
because it all started in the water.

I like the moon ☾,
because it illuminates me, even in my darkest moments.

I like the stars,
because they guide my way when I am away from home.

I like fire,
because with its strength I can gather wonderful things.

I like the wind,
because it whispers me stories of ancient times.

I like flowers,
because they remind me that beauty does not last long.

I like poetry,
because every time I understand something different.

I like mirrors,
because sometimes they reflect more than we can understand.

I would like to be your sister,
to surround a ring around your fears.


Hi, I’m Mar.
As the daughter of immigrants, I was fortunate to grow up between two languages and two cultures. A gift that I wanted to share with my daughter.

I grew up in Kassel, a city famous for its relationship with contemporary art. Maybe my artistic sensibility helped me to detect my daughter’s talent and I simply facilitated her path.

And that’s what I basically do now, help her in whatever way I can.

So, sometimes I will answer your emails or the phone, although you may not realize it because our voices are alike. ✦