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The power of affirmations

Before starting this post, we would like you to ask yourself this question: Do you believe in magic?

Don’t you believe in magic? If you don’t believe in magic, you may change your mind after reading this post. ↓

Traditionally it has been understood that magic is a kind of recipe book for spells and elements with magical attributions or mystical powers, the magic of the grimoire. However, parapsychology and the traditional psychology of psychoanalysis, analytical or cognitive, have many points in common. From the analysis and meaning of dreams (Freud or Jung) to the power of thought creation or how through positive stimuli we can change unconscious behaviors.

Magic is based on the idea that a wish can manifest itself in reality. Does this sound familiar to you?

It is not very different from a very important concept in cognitive or behavioral psychology. With positive affirmations, you can change your thought process and make it work for you, not against you.

When we talk about the power of affirmations or that they can do magic, we are actually formatting our unconscious, which receives or has received negative stimuli since childhood or during the process of a specific experience.

These limiting and negative thoughts may be influencing your self-esteem, but don’t panic, this is totally reversible.

The truth, and although it is surprising, is that the mind does not know the difference between what is real or fantasy. This is why our mind and perception of ourselves can be completely distorted.

The repetition of positive truths in the form of affirmations helps thousands of people make significant changes in their lives. Affirmations work because they have the power to program our mind to work on a new idea.

Right now , we are sure that your brain has emitted certain affirmations in your head. And let us guess, at least one, if not all, has been negative. This is an affirmation, what your mind does all the time, repeating previously learned ideas and around which your emotions and perception of the world revolve.

What we do when working with affirmations is to change these messages that we have assimilated as absolute truths, which in many cases are fears, since it seems that our culture teaches us that humility is the best of virtues. You have learned to “not believe it too much”, it is not going to be “that it goes to your head.”

Don’t get us wrong, reality is reality, and you have to keep your feet on the ground (at least most of the time), but as we have already told you before, your brain does not know how to distinguish between reality and fantasy. And it is precisely this fear of being fantasizing that blocks the manifestation in your reality of wonderful things and above all, real.

In both psychology and magic, we enter the world of emotions, a complex, personal and difficult world, although not impossible, to limit and understand. And it is that emotions also dictate our train of thoughts and therefore, how we perceive reality.

And here we find the following overwhelming truth: Negative emotions are so strong that they have the power to limit positive thoughts and emotions. Negative thinking is very strong and very intrusive.

<< Intrusive thoughts are unwanted thoughts, images or ideas that can turn into obsessions, are annoying or worrying, and can be difficult to manage or eliminate. >>

That is why it is very important that before embarking on a process of personal growth through affirmations you follow some guidelines. And if that negative thought leads to some type of involuntary behavior such as biting your nails, compulsively scratching, or any involuntary repetitive thought, go to the magician of the mind, a psychologist. A trained person can do magic, more than any self-help book, now so fashionable.

Positive thinking is powerful and always helps, but if the sadness or problem runs deep, you will need a professional guide.

How do we do magic with affirmations ourselves?
Following these simple steps:

  1. Make a list of what you think are your flaws.
    Think of phrases or moments in which you have received an external criticism (from another person) and that you have retained in your memory. Analyze your recurring negative thoughts and write them down.
    Observe your body, if you notice that any part of your body hurts or retains the emotion that this thought provokes, write it down.

    *A little advice, take a notebook or write down on your mobile for a week those negative ideas that may cross your mind. It is not bad that you take it as usual, you will be surprised.

  2. When you detect these self-criticisms, write a positive statement about this judgment.
    For example, instead of “I am messy,” write “I am capable and create and maintain order in my life.”
  3. Write the statement 10 times, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.
    Waking moments, that is, as soon as we wake up or just before going to sleep, are the best to make affirmations.
    You can also say it out loud in front of a mirror or accompany it with some kind of personal ritual, such as deep breathing meditation or lighting a candle.
    If any part of your body connected with the negative thought, touch it, to let that part of your body know that the positive thought has come to heal it.

Ideally, you should go little by little, reformat your emotions affirmation by affirmation and give yourself some time. You will see that little by little changes will manifest in your life.

As when creating collections we are based on archetypes, you will have noticed that each one has its own affirmation. These affirmations can help you empower your jewelry as a talisman through positive thinking. After all, isn’t that magic?

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