The ear cuff that traveled to Hong Kong

Nice news has come to us by surprise, one of our ear cuffs appears in an editorial of the well-known Marie Claire magazine in its Hong Kong edition.

Marie Claire preview Beauty editorial with Myriam Moreno ear cuff. Silver and pearls.

An editorial by the photographer Fernando Frade.

Get Ready for SPRING! is a Gino Mateus hair and makeup publication for Charlotte Tilbury y Balmain.

As assistant Lucia Quintana.

A stylist Raquel Trejo, whom we take the opportunity to thank for having counted with our ear cuff of pearls for this production.

Preview pageshoot get ready for Spring Beauty Editorial

We are still digesting in so much good news.
Behind the scenes of the creation and management of a firm many things happen.

There is still a long way to go, and the people who have been with this project and with Myriam from the beginning, know what we strive for every day.

Thanks to the support, appreciation and consideration of professionals in the sector, we are living a very sweet stage.

So we have to thank all the people who trust in our work.

Thank you.

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