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  1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Rocio Parrilla and I am an image consultant. I am dedicated to helping, especially women, to externalize their essence through the image as a communication tool and to elevate the style.

  1. Tell us how you started your adventure

Well, I started back in 2015.
I started studying a higher fashion design course because I love fashion. It’s my passion. I finished this course but it was not what I was looking for. Then I continued researching within the fashion sector and found this profession. That’s when I understood that I had to dedicate myself to it. Fashion is always present in this profession but the best of all is being able to help people. Understand fashion as something very personal.

In 2016 I got the postgraduate degree in image consulting at the ETB (Balearic Tourism School) in Mallorca and it was in that year that I started my first internship.

In 2017 I moved to Valencia and already here in this city I started to set up my project and my small office. That same year I worked at Mallorca Fashion Week as a backstage stylist and launched my website. And since then I continue to enjoy my passion more and more: image consulting.

  1. What does being a stylist mean to you?

For me, being a stylist and / or image consultant is being able to express the essence of each person or each brand or each company. Strengthen the differentiating element that we have to be able to transmit and connect.

  1. What is it that makes you different from other consultants or stylists?

Above all, my own “coherent and powerful image” methodology. I work the image in different aspects and levels so that you always go to the next level with your image and style. I do not focus on what you know what type of body you have and what works for you or what colors make you beautiful (that’s very basic and generic). I take it to much more personal levels so that you feel comfortable and confident with your image strategy. Also because I speak from experience. I have been in the sector for more than 4 years. And of course my way of being, I am very honest and natural.

  1. Where does your love for fashion and styling come from?

My love for fashion comes from a very young age. I remember being a 7-8 year old girl I was very concerned about how to combine the colors, how to wear the clothes. But really where it all flourished was in London. I lived in London for over 5 years and it was there that my love of fashion began. I started with a little fashion blog talking about trends and showing my London looks back in 2010. But I really didn’t like being a fashion blogger. I was looking for other things … so while I continued looking for other options I left that blog aside.

  1. Share with us a book or album that has inspired you.

Well, a book that I love and that can help many people is Andrea Vilallonga’s “look at yourself.” It is a wonderful book that helps you reconcile with your image and work it to feel good both inside and out.

And an album… mmmm well I’m British pop lover so I love Keane’s music (for example). It reminds me a lot of my time in London and his way of transmitting in his songs using the piano amazes me.

  1. What are your future projects?

Oops hehe I don’t like to talk about my future projects because I think that if I share them they won’t turn out the same (my things). But I can say that I would love to become a benchmark in the sector at the national level.

  1. Define in a phrase what it means for you to be part of “The wind tribe”

Being part of the Wind Tribe means for me to support, share, grow and fight for what we love to do.

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