Reinventing each step.

Pearls ear cuff by Myriam Moreno on boy. Black and white photo.

Editorial in Fashion Grunge, magazine founded by Lauren M Brown. A publication that deals with the dichotomy between masculine and feminine, avant-garde and minimalist, about fashion and grunge.

Another artistic project from the photographer Ector.

Always treat life as a spectacle.
Reinventing each step.

The brands that are part of this project together with Myriam Moreno® are Ester Ferrando, By Sophie, Alvaro Mars, Wedu, Andres Zurru and Hartford


⤳ TEAM ⬿
Photography by Ector @colourprovider
Art Direction and Style: Álvaro Redondo @alvarorp97 Nerea Navarro @nerea_navarro Laura Esteve @lauraesteve
Model Hilario @hilario_montoro  from @towandamodelsagency
MUA Paloma @psanchismakeup Cristina @mua.crispeva
Special thanks  @blanquernafcri @blendbcnshowroom


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