Exhibition at the Crafts Center

From Wednesday, September 23, the new exhibition “RDS 9.0“, an exhibition of design and crafts, was opened to the public in the Una Mirada Singular room of the Valencian Community Handicraft Center, in which works of students of the Polytechnic University of Valencia developed together with artisans and artisans accredited from the Valencian Community.

The result is a series of innovative products in which key aspects of the circular economy have been taken into account, carried out thinking about the relationship between technology and the artisan trade, obtaining unique results with sustainable criteria.

On this occasion, Myriam Moreno puts her hands and artisan knowledge for the design of the young student Marta Pérez Cañizares, the “Vergep” earring or pendant. A piece that represents a very important figure for Valencians and Valencians: the “Verge dels Desamparats” (Valencian Virgin). A small piece of small size made of sheet with the technique of cutwork, although another example was also made using the technique of 3D printing and mold for production. She has a characteristic inclination of our “Geperudeta”, whose gesture makes her kind and helpful to the homeless, specifically children, a symbol of our culture and venerated in the famous international festival “Las Fallas”.

Vergep pendiente
Vergep pendiente diseñado por Marta Pérez, realizado por Myriam Moreno, para el Centro de Artesanía de la CV.

This earring differs from other pieces with a marked religious character with a more contemporary aesthetic, with a more youthful appearance, an innovative piece in its class.

Do not miss this opportunity to visit such an interesting and necessary cultural center as the Valencian Community Handicraft Center.

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