Pino Montesdeoca with ear cuff earring by Myriam Moreno jewelry online

Pino Montesdeoca, the “senior” beauty of Spain with our jewels

The beautiful Pine with our earrings, ear cuff and new and exclusive Venus necklace in her last interview for Agencia EFE.

Under the lens of Xtriman Pino shines with our jewels and its natural beauty. Photographs for her interview in Agencia EFE by María Muñoz Rivera.

Pino Montesdeoca is one of the most relevant models on the Spanish fashion scene at this time. At 59, she became one of the most emblematic faces in Spain, showing that age and beauty are not in conflict and that attitude in life is everything.

“More than a model, I am a woman’s choice. What I try to do is arrive with my white hair, my wrinkles and my essence to say that nothing happens, on the contrary, that this is very cool “

Pino Montesdeoca for EFE

She has worked in all the major specialized media, such as Vogue or Elle, and has been the face and muse of campaigns for labels such as Estée Lauder or L’Oreal. She paraded with our colleagues from Otrura at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid and her future projects include interpretation. We’ll be able to see her with Miguel Ángel Silvestre in the second season of “Sky Rojo”.

“I do not consider myself so much a model as a type of woman, an option that exists and it should also be taught and enter the market; women who decide to grow their natural hair and accept their wrinkles “[…]” I offer what I am, and it seems to work; being yourself always works ”

Pino Montesdeoca for EFE

She is known as an example for many young women who see her as a mirror for the future (which is not so far, time flies by), women like Montesdeoca open the way to love us, it is a silent revolution that has come to change the fashion rules. Until now, gray hair in women was synonymous with neglect, maturity in women translated into loss of beauty. Now they shout at us from the covers, the editorials and we want to think that the firms also have something to do with this change, that nothing is further from reality, the gray hair is beautiful, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman.

“With a bit of luck all women and young girls will reach this age, does it turn out that after a life filling you with experiences and storing knowledge, when you reach 59 everything is over?” […] “Take a good look in the mirror, naked, and start turning the tables. Yes, maybe your body is flabby, but it works for you, it takes you where you want and supports you. Enjoy what that temple that is your body gives you, and if you manage to love it, that’s where life begins “

Pino Montesdeoca for EFE

Not long ago we were talking about how wonderful it would be to do a collaboration with Pino, and we were delighted to see her parade with our friends in the Mercedes-Benz. So the news that this collaboration was in the making and that our jewels would be part of this session could not make us more excited. And this is the beauty of life, that sometimes you ask and it is not granted because it is not the time and on other occasions, the stars align to fulfill your dreams. And this is a “little” dream come true, because Pino is a great inspiration, an interesting woman and whose beauty transcends the canons of beauty that for so many centuries have been imposed on women. The brightness of her gaze and her gray hair convey to us the youth of the spirit and the wisdom of the years. Thank you Pino, Xtriman and Mass Room for doing it so well and so beautiful ♥ ︎

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