Pechakucha Night

Our designer Myriam Moreno was invited to participate in the last edition of the Pechakucha Night, on May 10, coinciding with the Nit de l’Art in Castellón. A very special pechakucha, since it was a full edition of creative women.

The Pechakucha Night is organized by La Exprimidora, the Castellón Association of Designers and Creatives ( and this was its 18th edition. The Pechakucha is an interdisciplinary event, where architecture, sociology, graphic design, fashion, art, music, photography, industrial design, cinema, multimedia, advertising … find a space for interaction. It is a quick format for presenting ideas, projects, designs … etc.

Our designer talked about her artistic career, her artistic connections with jewelry, the difference between artistic jewelry, signature jewelry and commercial jewelry, as well as talking about the brand and inviting other professionals to collaborate and generate synergies. An invitation that we can advance has paid off, we will tell you more.

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