Otrura: Two crazy people passionate about fashion, art and beauty in all its forms.

In this second post of The Tribe of Wind I want to introduce you to two battle companions. Otrura, support in difficult moments and friends with whom I have enjoyed victories and some very interesting gathering. Showroom mates, adventure mates.

Who are you and what is Otrura?

We are the two founders of Otrura. Two crazy people passionate about fashion, art and beauty in all its forms.

Two people, two professionals and a dream. Sergio De Lázaro and Verónica Abián. The first Director of the Firm and Creative Director, the second, Director of Communication. Professional tandem and life team, we complement and support each other, and for us Otrura is not just a fashion firm, it is our life project.

We create limited collections of Sewing and Fashion Accessories, of contemporary design, with the inheritance and the know-how of artisan crafts. Inspired by their techniques and their relationship. By hand, seeking to innovate, through the work of pattern and fabric. We look for designs of elegant and complex simplicity, that last, can be transformed, fixed and remain.

How did you start your adventure?

The idea had always been in our minds, and our project began to develop 5 years ago, looking for the right workshops and artisans for our sustainability model. Workshops that do not look for a minimum production, but that adjust order by order and value that they are not pressured in costs. Workshops that only work with the best houses and that have trusted our house.

We began our journey with a collection of men’s footwear manufactured in Italy. The reason: he was the first craftsman with whom we started working. Each shoe in our house takes more than 60 hours, but always with a contemporary commitment. We are currently working on our third collection of Sewing for Men and Women, and also on Leather Goods and optics… In addition to having opened a collection_collaboration with a couple of wonderful antique dealers, Alquián & Hóptimo of life objects from the end of the 19th century to our days.

What are your references?

From the beginning we were clear that we had to create the foundations of a global Fashion House, fully committed to the excellence of the trades. Since we saw that in Spain there was no longer such a concept, since for example Loewe, it is more global thanks to LVMH than Spanish. There was no global independent house. Because we are lucky to have wonderful firms and creators, but we lacked that global vision that is more present in French or Italian houses.

In other words, regardless of whether we have to move forward little by little, everything we do and create is done from the point of view of a global concept of company, within a certain philosophy of “how we want people to live the House Otrura ”and what we want“ OTRURA ”to mean and that, we knew we had to do it from minute 0. We were creating the first collection of men’s footwear, but we were organizing everything as if we had 12 different product lines.

Without limits, everything fits inside, everything that is created with passion and respect. From sewing, footwear and leather goods collections, but we are also very excited about jewelry and optics, just as the world of perfumery or furniture would be a dream.

“OTRURA was born with the vision of being a Global Fashion House based on the excellence of the trades, without limitations, within a contemporary aesthetic and conceptual language”

What does your concept “Re_Costura” mean?

It is a service to re-think, re-sew an old garment that we love and that we cannot get away from but our life changes; or create a new piece from an inherited fabric, an old tablecloth, or an uncovered fabric cut.

Creating together with the client a unique and emotional piece. Let’s think together!

Where does your love for fashion come from?

Sergio is the architect of all the magic in the house, the talent. After almost 19 years in different fashion firms in the luxury sector (Hermés, Christian Dior, Etro, Roberto Verino, Carolina Herrera …), and after undertaking other projects, he turned completely into fashion to develop all his creative passion with his most personal work, the OTRURA universe. His love of fashion has been around since he has the use of reason, and he has completely infected me with this passion. It makes me happy to be your accomplice and enhance your work and creativity in my own way.

Share with us a book that has marked you a lot.

I could not keep one, I love reading, especially a historical novel, and let my imagination run wild, but every day we believe that it is more important to take time to select what is read and what we focus on. Take time to reflect and think.

What are your future projects?

It is essential for us to find financial stability and continue fighting to increase our community and to be able to reach our client in an easier way. Many people have yet to discover us, both at the level of stylists, the media, the press, as well as clients and people who are excited about what we do.

In a more concrete way, we are seeing how to face this situation in which we are living, analyzing how we decided to act for the presentation of Summer and especially of Autumn Winter, since we have never presented a 6-month view, but we have always been next to the logical calendar or what should be logical and that is marked by time and people, but not industry. Now it seems that there is a movement in this regard, but only 6 months ago there were few who had already decided to act without a calendar, and if we go back to 5 years as we started, they called us crazy or unconscious.

Define in a phrase what means to you to be part of “The Wind Tribe”

A necessary cry to value those who are changing the way of understanding society, with our effort and courage. Some time ago I read something fantastic from the journalist Patricia Moreno, who said that “Contemporary women cannot afford to be ahead of their time, they must advance time” … because I think that is what “The Wind Tribe” is based on. “Advance the time”

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