LuAm: Three constellations united by design.

Who are you and what is Luam Atelier?

The LuAm Universe is made up of three constellations united by design, slowfashion and friendship.

In which project can an architect, an economist and a teacher converge? It’s easy, headdresses! Although we come from very diverse fields, our passion for fashion united us in a very beautiful dream.

Tell us how you started your adventure

The truth is that it was more illusion than good sense. We have always had fashion and design as something vocational and we did small commissions and jobs sporadically. At first they were few but as time went by they became more. So, at the end of 2015, we decided that we wanted to go one step further and launched to create LuAm Atelier as a small brand. But we were not complete until Lucía joined the team in 2018.

What are your influences?

We come from very different worlds, and that is also noticeable when it comes to the work we do, and which is complemented.

A: My biggest reference would be my yaya Amparo who was a seamstress with very good taste and a fixation with neat finishes (which I have inherited). And apart from all that surrounds me I make a headdress, which is a puzzle in my head and I have to assemble it as I see it and at the same time it is transformed until it is complete.

L: Having studied art history, I am very aware of artistic influences throughout history and perhaps that’s why I am quite eclectic. I can perfectly mix many styles.

ML: In my case I think I am more structured by my vocation as an architect, I am the serious counterpoint to my colleagues, who are two free spirits. Although if you ask me about fashion design, I declare myself a fervent admirer of Francis Montesinos.

What does your concept “Sophistocate” mean?

It is an idea that seeks to stand out that only great occasions deserve special attention. We demand the use of the headdress daily. Any time is good to feel special, unique and elegant, in short, to feel sophisticated.

Where does your love for headdresses come from?

The truth is that it is something that has always caught the attention of the three of us, and we find it curious that it is a garment that gradually ceased to be seen and has not reappeared. Before, everyone covered their head with hats, hairpins or headdresses to complement the look. However, now it seems like a phantom garment doomed to oblivion, especially in Spain. In other countries it is much more common but here it seems that it is still resisting us and it is a pity. Although we are persistent and do not lose hope. So as they say, “whoever follows it gets it.”

Share with us a book that has influenced you a lot.

L: Christian Dior and me. The memories of one of the designers who changed the world of fashion in the 20th century. I find all the ins and outs that it has very interesting. Besides that, I am an unconditional lover of the New Look.

A: In the time of Chrysalis. From Salvador Tomás Rubio. It is the pseudobiography of Andrea Pasquier who managed to become a doctor and a soldier, with much effort and intelligence in a very complex time. It is a demanding book to reflect on.

ML: History of Beauty. From Umberto Eco. I find it very interesting to rethink the concept of beauty through history.

What are your future projects?

Our biggest dream is to continue working on what we like, which is what motivates us. We would like to collaborate with other designers, we are always looking for new challenges. And also repeat collaborations, we never forget anyone, we have worked with wonderful people and we are very grateful for it.

Define in a phrase that means to you to be part of “The Wind Tribe”

Be part of a community that believes in a job well done, effort and opportunities. A hand always held out that you can trust, to be part of a whole, of a tribe, of a family.

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