Keep Boxing

We Keep Boxing!

Editorial in Vanity Teen, this time, in its online edition.

Barcelona-based fashion, portrait and creative photographer Jon Carreño presents his latest project called “Keep Boxing” starring the beautiful model and dancer Guille Castillo.
Guille acts like a professional boxer with powerful movements but also some scars, perfectly recreated by makeup artist Oriol Moreno.

Luca Azzarini was in charge of styling, assisted by Pau Franquesa

We share space with firms such as Andrés Zurru, American Vintage, Alessandro Enríquez, Pablo Erroz, Nike Jordan, Wedú, Llamazares, Louis Vuitton, Alessandro Enriquez and Tommy Hilfiger participate in the publishing house.

Session held in the coworking of My Fucking Studio, exclusively for Vanity Teen online.

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