Myriam Moreno, jury of the Joves Joiers Awards

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebration of “La Botiga dels Joves Joiers“, this past December 19, the jewelry department of the Superior School of Art and Design of Valencia (EASD) organized the first “Joves Joiers” awards. As members of the jury were invited alumni of the department, Rodrigo Acosta, Elisabet Moreno and our designer Myriam Moreno.

Llumor and Gaspol were the sponsoring companies of the contest, granting two prizes in materials for jewelry making valued at more than € 200.

The winners of the contest were Marta Gago with her piece “XXI The weight of our new religion” (2nd prize) and Cristina Alises with her brooch inspired by the wine fermentation process “Quality means doing the right thing when no one is watching”, awarded with the first prize.

You can see the time of the awards ceremony in the video and the participating and awarded pieces here.

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