Hypoallergenic jewelry

Allergies have been commonly associated with nickel, so the European Union sets very restrictive guidelines with the use of this metal. Currently the EU guides the use of nickel up to 0.11 micrograms per square centimeter of metal. But even if a silver jewel does not have nickel, like Myriam Moreno® jewelery, it does not mean that it cannot cause allergies.

An allergy to silver is commonly confused with an allergy to nickel or silver sulfide. Silver sulfur can produce reactions that alter the pH of the skin and this causes itching and / or spots on the skin.

The only metal that does not cause allergies is stainless steel, which is why it is used in operations and prosthetics. As it does not oxidize, it does not lose metal or react, which is why it is considered hypoallergenic. The steel that Myriam Moreno® uses is of high quality, it does not react to chlorine or saltpeter from the beach. This makes these jewels the ideal complement for the summer.

Our collections in stainless steel are Vesta, and Aphrodite.

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