Frida, a strong woman

Frida is well known for the sentence “I paint flowers, so they don’t die”, but Kahlo painted much more, portraying her soul, her pain and her hope in a masterful way. Frida has always been an inspiration to me, both artistically and personally. The disease never completely brought her down and when she did, her resilience always shone. Already in my adolescence, its history and influence helped me discover what my professional path would be and painting as a method of overcoming pain when scoliosis began to bother me (which luckily today is a vague memory). I do not share at all is Frida’s “flowery” perception, an image that the media and advertising have fed. She was a tongue-tied, rebellious and provocative woman. From a young age she was transvestite to appear in family photos, questioning the role that women had in the world and always speaking from the bowels. She fell silent to more than one who ventured to classify her or take advantage of what she represented, as she did with the surrealists and her dubious manifesto with which she never felt identified. And his interest and love for pre-Columbian and indigenous cultures is also a facet that has always accompanied me thanks in large part to his biography. It is precisely in honor of this part of her personality, which fascinates me, that the name of the collection inspired by her is in Naguatl. Chikauak, strong, as she was and as we are all, each in her own way. Chikauak is a collection of angular shapes inspired by the crystalline shapes of the composition of minerals. Chikauak has already paraded with some French brands and with Andra Cora, we are going for its second version and it will be a permanent collection of the brand. You can see all the pieces available here. It may be my inspiration, but Frida is not a muse, she is an artist with all the lyrics. Her best known facet is perhaps painting, but her skills as a writer and poet are also important. Here are some that seem very representative to me:

Free from me

I set you free, free of me

Free from my changing character

Free from my crazy desire to love you

Free of my desire to take care of you like nobody

I set you free

Free from my great protective love

Free of me completely

But I beg you not to come back, when you realize that nobody can love you like I do.

Please don’t come back.

You deserve

You deserve a love that wants you disheveled, with everything and the reasons that lift you in a hurry, with everything and the demons that do not let you sleep.

You deserve a love that makes you feel safe, that can eat the world if it walks by your hand, that feels that your hugs are perfect with its skin.

You deserve a love that wants to dance with you, that visits paradise every time it looks into your eyes and that never gets bored of reading your expressions.

You deserve a love that listens to you when you sing, that doesn’t scare you from falling.

You deserve a love that takes away the lies, that brings you the illusion, the coffee and the poetry.

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