Fashion Story: Together

White Dress by Annother Archive, ear cuff by Myriam Moreno. Black Dress by Bolaño. Crop top by Georgiela Studio.

Editorial in Contributor with ear cuff from the Sea Findings collection.

A different artistic and fashion photography production.

A set of mirrors and transparencies.

When we started Contributor in 2008, people compared fashion to a dinner at a fast food restaurant. We didn’t think we were there quite yet, even though the industry cut corners to move forward as fast as possible, leaving behind the true interaction between people. We believed in the importance of the basics of atelier work, of how sharing your creativity with others can lead to overturning your world and pointing you in new directions.

By the Editorial Team

The other firms that participate in the publishing house are Jil Sander, Annother Archive and Pablo Erroz.

✦ TEAM ✦
Photography by Léo Tornev.
Stylist by Ann Laroque.
MUAH by Ana Cano, assistant Nuria Ribera.
Set location by 1c Studio.
Models by Maga Abramoff and Paula K from Two Management Barcelona.

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