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Eugenia Tenenbaum with our ear cuff

Eugenia Tenenbaum with one of our ear cuffs and our lapis lazuli necklace from the Venus collection. A very special collaboration with the stylist Andrea Jimenez and the Spanish influencer.

In her Instagram account she has more than 70 thousand subscribers, to whom she offers content on art, gender perspective, feminism and her own vision of today. She also teaches art classes and workshops with a feminist perspective. She is able to bring out a particular feeling of struggle and brotherhood with her texts and her iconic image of her.

As a woman framed within that diffuse line that we call the “millennial generation”, I believe that my introversion, my shyness and the feeling of not fitting in made me use social networks as a means of expression from an early age. So that’s where it all starts: in my need to express myself and communicate with the world around 13/14 years old. First with a blog in which I shared texts and photographs, both around me and myself and how I dressed and now with an Instagram account in which I disseminate about Hª del Arte issues with a gender perspective and also mixed feminist issues with snippets of my experiences and my day to day.

Photo by Tania Mendoza @iconxsphto
Styling by Andrea Jimenez @findmeinandromeda

Women artists existed, but nobody haven’t told us about them

In addition to the content that she offers free of charge through her Instagram, Eugenia has also made available to the public a course on the History of Art from a Gender perspective available in various formats and is preparing a workshop on women in Spain during the XIX century.

Eugenia has repeated on several times that separating the life and work of an artist is not possible, but that when making a biographical reading of it, one must be very careful not to fall into gender biases:

“Because when approaching the History of Art from Journalism, there are those who feed sensationalism and morbidity. It has happened with Artemisia Gentileschi, for example, to whom articles have been dedicated that no longer even mention her name in the headline, but that start with a ‘The baroque artist who was raped when she was 17.’ And I do not understand that the same journalists who dedicate these articles to Artemisia Gentileschi do not dedicate others to Picasso instead of as a genius, like the great misogynist, abuser And the woman crusher that he was. Or Rodin not only as the great sculptor, but as the adulterer who emotionally destroyed Camille Claudel. Or Jackson Pollock not as the generator of abstract expressionism, but as an alcoholic whose fragile masculinity prevented him from understanding that his wife, Lee Krasner, was also an artist who dedicated herself to it. And when something only happens with women, it means that there is still a double standard to fight. Why not It is only fair that we do not know Artemisia as the great painter and visionary that she was, but as a poor woman who was raped. And in the end, women are reduced to the pain they suffered or the damage that was inflicted on them. We must stop applauding the trauma of women, because that is not the most important thing they have done. “

It is a real pride to collaborate with a feminist icon and expert in art and with a gender perspective, because we know that few people will understand our Venus collection so deeply as she does.

Thank you Eugenia, Andrea and Tania, for having our jewels in this collaboration

What pieces does Eugenia wear?

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