Equinox and full moon ritual

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Last March 20 was the spring equinox, an event that we Valencians celebrate with our big party, Las Fallas. Although this strange year the Fallas has not been celebrated, they serve as a support to explain a little what this moment consists of.

Fallas are cardboard monuments that portray those things that we do not like, with social and political criticism, and of course, a lot of humor. An ephemeral art that is subsequently burned.
We are aware that outside our territory it is not fully understood, but what if I tell you that it is a ritual?

Well it is, it is a ritual of sanitation. And the one in Valencia is not the only one, it is one of many that we have all over the world, ancient and pagan rituals, which have become hollow as religious festivities. Yes, like the Fallas, during which we venerate the Virgen de los Desamparados by dressing her in flowers -another pagan ritual, by the way- and Saint Joseph, patron saint of carpenters. They were who kept this practice and sanctified it as a Catholic festival so that it would not be lost in the time.

Well, this is precisely what we suggest you do, that you burn everything bad that has happened to you since last spring. It is a new beginning and to flourish we must remove the ballast.

You will need a piece of paper, a pen, an earthenware bowl or container (or a shell almost better) and matches.

It is very simple, but it can be very intense and rewarding.

  1. Give yourself a couple of hours to be alone with your thoughts. The ideal is to have only a warm and dim light on and if you need it, put music in the background. Music is to help you focus and feel comfortable, so choose a relaxing recopilation.
  2. On the paper list all those things that you want to get out of your life, they can be bad habits, negative thoughts or feelings, a specific event that hurt you … It would not be a bad thing if we all wrote a goodbye to the virus that is doing so much damage in the world. We leave it here as an idea.
  3. Once we have finished writing everything on the paper in the way that most identifies us, it can be as an enumerated list or as a letter, we deposit it in the container and burn it.
  4. As it burns, repeat the following until the fire completely consumes the paper: “May spring take away my sorrows, may abundance flourish in and through me.”
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Something magical has happened, and that is that this year the equinox has coincided with the crescent moon, so this whole week we are experiencing a precious transition period. Those people who are more sensitive to the influence of the moon may have felt scattered, restless, anxious and at times with intense sleep followed by energy spikes.

So, you can take advantage of the full moon, which is when this equinox moon completes the cycle, this Sunday, March 28.

Also take the opportunity to put your jewels and gems under the influence of this full moon, which is also a Super Moon. It will be closer to us so it will help us recharge with energy and make our ritual much more powerful.

Remember that the Moon marks cycles and the Sun seasons. When both coincide it is a perfect mathematical moment for you to change things in your life, to start new projects and to connect with what you are and want to reflect in the now.

If you feel stuck and don’t know how to start a new purpose or goal, here are some things you can do after this full moon:

  1. Practice a new sport or style of meditation.
  2. Rearrange your closet, throw away what you don’t wear anymore, and change your style, to one that reflects who you are now.
  3. Listen to new music, music is vibration and you may need to connect with other frequencies. You can discover new songs on our Spotify list. It’s a collaborative playlist, so you can share your new musical discoveries with us.
  4. Try new flavors. Buy a spice that you have not used before, season and combine your usual foods in another way. Flavors affect emotions, so play with them. You can make combinations like sweet and spicy, sweet and salty, sweet and sour … Life is game, play!
  5. Create new connections. Not necessarily meeting “new” people, but getting closer and getting to know better people around you with whom you are related but who still do not have ties of friendship. You can also, and we highly recommend, reconnecting with people who have been important to you in your past and who you were good for each other.
  6. Start a new hobby. Do what you have always wanted to start but always put off. It is not essential that you enroll in any class, you can start by reading about the subject and thus discover what fulfills you the most.

Do only what you feel reflected with, it is not necessary that you do everything

When we alter our routines we open a door to abundance and new opportunities.

Enjoy your new season.

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