Collaboration - Pertegaz CATWALK

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Last March, the catwalk commemorating the centenary of Manuel Pertegaz took place. The meeting was at the Jose Antonio Labordeta shopping center in Teruel (Spain) and about 140 people attended. Myriam Moreno was invited as a jewelry designer by Andra Cora, an independent Valencian designer to complement her Dopaminergic collection. The proposal owes its name to dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is linked to sensations such as happiness, motivation or curiosity. In this particular story the star caracter is a fugitive from Anhedonia, a fictional place that refers to the inability to feel pleasure and satisfaction, and is divided into four stages: introspection, fear, rebellion and freedom.

A proposal with liberating and empowering foundation that fits perfectly with the philosophy of Myriam Moreno and the Chikauak collection, pieces inspired by strong women who fight every day to be happy and free in a world made by and for men.

Here are some pictures of the catwalk:


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