Affordable luxury, without losing exclusivity, limited edition unique creations, combining care for detail and constantly innovating techniques. Our philosophy is based on sustainable fashion within the current "slow fashion" movement, with a controlled and respectful production with the Environment. Our pieces are ready to last in time and transcend fashion and trends of the present moment. Contemporary design but designed to fascinate and conquer future generations.

She is inspired by ancient civilizations from different parts of the globe as well as in nature and the feminine universe. A universal language with a special Mediterranean flavor that delights women of all ages. Through her philosophy, inspirations and speeches, Myriam Moreno cooperates in women's empowerment providing a renewed and diverse image of women.

To bet on Myriam Moreno is to invest in a brand with a future and a growing trajectory. Awarded as the best jeweler of her promotion, in her designs she has entrusted by the prestigious brand Aristocrazy for which she signs a limited edition, My Rules. A customizable piece to celebrate female diversity.

Myriam Moreno is not just jewelry design, her pieces reflect a multidisciplinary artistic career (painting, poetry, performance ...) that builds her speech and inspirations in each of her pieces and collections. Clear exponent of a current, very trendy, in which art and fashion converge creating a very particular aesthetic. In conversations with her own work through the self-portrait, Myriam Moreno composes a personal universe for each collection that reflects the essence of the brand. A brand with its own name but that reflects the feminine diversity.

We bet on collaborations with other artists of great talent from different disciplines, such as poetry or music, designing capsules that reflect their personality and creative individuality. With a collaborative spirit and always open to new opportunities for team creation and support among creators, Myriam Moreno creates the "Encuentros D Creadoras". Popup events where creative women share their experiences through presentations, round tables and exhibitions.

In parallel, independent designers as Andra Cora, as well-known brands such as Claudie Pierlot, Ba&sh, Sandro and Comptoir des Cotonniers have relied on Myriam Moreno to accompany their catwalks. Faithful to our policy of collaborating with other creatives, the nominated director Marisa Crespo wore Myriam Moreno earrings for the Goya’s Gala of 2019.




Myriam Moreno

Myriam Moreno Martinez, was born in Valencia in 1990, although she travels through Europe with her family until 1994. In 2008 she enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos at the UPV. In 2012 she was awarded the PROMOE scholarship to the Central China Academy of Fine Arts, where she completed his degree. On her return to Spain she enrolled in L'Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny of Valencia in jewelry and objects.

She has also collaborated with media such as radio in "La Ventana de la Moda" on CV Radio.


She was awarded for her studies in jewelry with the Extraordinary Prize of Artistic Teachings of the CV and was selected by the Spanish jewelry brand Aristocrazy through its Aristocrazy Affairs program for which she designed a capsule to be launched in 2019.

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CCO & Sales Manager

Mar Martínez

Degree in German Philology and Business Management with International Trade.