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"New year, new life", but in trends, it is not exactly like that. In this post we give an advance of the trends of 2019 and with it, a small advance of what will be the following collections of Myriam Moreno.


The uneven slopes already started strong in 2018 and this year it seems they are here to stay. The big brands join this trend that has been, coincidentally, one of the identifying features of the first collections of Myriam Moreno, from being a feature of designers and indie brands to normalize among the best-known brands. So we will continue betting butt for a way to wear the earrings different and very flattering

Givenchi SS2019


The piercing has long ceased to be a symbol of rebellion or be part of the exclusive world of the Urban Tribes. But what we least expect is that they represent glamor and luxury. And is that we do not stop seeing more and more celebrities boast in their Social Networks of ears pierced with piercings, in many cases of gold and precious stones.

Another piercing that seems timidly is positioned is the septum. Our country has not arrived with such force, but our designer has decided to bet on this and other piercings. We give a clue, they will be suitable for those people who are afraid of needles. The "ear cuff" and the earrings of several pieces will also continue strongly.



Personalization is here to stay. It is a trend that more and more brands incorporate into their services. As you know, Myriam Moreno makes custom-made and totally customized pieces, but in this context we talk about pre-designed pieces with the possibility of incorporating text for personalization.

Soon the piece designed by Myriam Moreno will be launched for Aristocrazy, que ya podemos adelantar, se encuentra enmarcada en esta tendencia.


It takes the different, the unique and above all the irregular, and this had to be reflected in the beautiful world of gems. The star gems are still those that stand out for their inclusions or impurities that make them unique, veined gems or with effects such as adularity, labradorescence, iridescence or the star or cat eye effects. Always taking into account also, its energetic properties and with curative or protective purposes. Gems whose power is only comparable to its beauty. In this same line, of mystical component appear the shells and conches and of course the organic gems par excellence, the pearls. Highlighting those pearls with more organic and irregular shapes, like the Baroque Pearls. Important also are the accumulations in cluster of pearls for slopes. Of course the pearls will be a must this 2019 and Myriam Moreno is preparing some spectacular pieces, although you can open mouth with the piece Origen.


Glass, although less protagonist than gems can also be seen in earrings and pendants, especially in schematic forms maintaining tubular shapes and with inspiration in costume jewelery of the 50s and 60s. In Myriam Moreno we will relaunch one of our star collections "Mare Lotus" and launch a third collection in trend glass. We also invite you to purchase some of the pieces of "La muerte de la dama", with a contemporary aesthetic with romantic overtones.

Earrings Mare Lotus


The trend of logomania returns. We have seen it a lot in belts, in embroidery and dyed in clothes. In jewelry we saw reflected this trend in 2018 in the collections of letters and slaves with names and brands. In 2019 this trend has not disappeared and we can see some approach to this trend in a very special piece we have prepared for this season.


The big chains type Versace do not go out of fashion, in this 2019 we will continue seeing big chains with the novelty of the chains "file" with elongated link, generally with different pinjantes. A trend that we will see both in necklaces and bracelets, almost always with exaggerated sizes and finishes in brightness. The most urban and ostentatious style, with certain references hiphop accompanied by symbols in some occasions, of mystical origin and amulets. Following this trend we have prepared two limited edition collections that we know will make you fall in love.

H&M by Moschino


The rosary-style or tie-shaped necklaces are one of the great tendencies of 2019 together with the archival type chains. Finished necklaces with crosses, coins and charms of mystical inspiration.

We have already advanced, we will see this trend in the designs of Myriam Moreno for this 2019 as well as the religious-inspired necklaces with chains of chained gems.


You will have already seen on Instagram that the multicolored pavé pieces are invading the networks. And it is one of the great trends of 2019 to which one way or another all brands will be launched this season and we will not be less, but with a touch of their own, a very personal reading of this trend.


We have already commented that the amulets will be part of the trends of 2019, that we do not forget that they rebounded very strong in 2018. This year they come or, better said, follow with great force the hand figures (see the trend of the pearls with this form), both Turkish eyes and Egyptian inspiration. Beware that the Egyptian symbology rebounds and will stay with us for a long time.

Within the amulets category we can position pendants of coins, both with old coins, and reinterpretations of coins with various esoteric symbols. Trend that is embraced with a taste for Egyptian symbols and universe.

Myriam Moreno has prepared many surprises related to this trend. To complete all your looks with style while the symbols will accompany and support in all areas and situations of everyday life.

Finally, the layering, although we do not catalog it as a trend, it is important to note that this way of wearing our jewelry will continue with force this 2019, it seems that it is here to stay. Combine your necklaces with different lengths and even in many occasions, for a more boho style, with necklaces of different materials. A very in way to carry all your amulets.


Catwalks spring-summer: Givenchi, Chanel, Versace, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, H&M por Moschino.

Others: WGSNNet-a-Porter

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  • free online shopping
    By : Mark On 2019 6th March

    Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful! Men Jewelry

    Replied by : Site Owner On 2019 6th March Thank you Mark for taking your time for comment. Stay tuned because we'll have men jewelry soon.

  • Tendencias
    By : Mariale Bermudez On 2019 12th February

    Leí tu artículo, tenemos las mismas perspectivas en cuanto a las tendencias, y podría agregar que la utilización de Logos se debe a que las firmas están marcando territorio, es necesario para ellas mantener el status, y que las personas puedan identificar con claridad sus piezas.

    Replied by : Site Owner On 2019 12th February Gracias Mariale por pasarte, un gusto saber de ti. Me parece muy interesante tu reflexión sobre el tema logos. En el caso de las grandes marcas o marcas con un recorrido importante creo que es exacto lo que comentas, mantener su status. Creo que esto también se puede deber a que al tener nombre los consumidores quieren que se identifique a la marca fácilmente. Un buen ejemplo podría ser Louis Vuitton y quizás este fenómeno se vea acrecentado por la situación económica global. A mí me resulta peculiar la adaptación de esta tendencia en las marcas sin un status importante o marcas indie, tomando las iniciales, una pieza muy clásica en la joyería, como método para crear una iconografía personal y ofrecer también desde la exclusividad la posibilidad de la personalización. Aunque creo que son fenómenos totalmente diferenciados los enmarco en la misma tendencia estética, que forma a su vez parte de este fenómeno que estamos viviendo estos años de la reinterpretación de las piezas clásicas como los aros (que no he colocado en el artículo pero me parece muy significativa). Muchísimas gracias de nuevo por pasarte Mariale. Un abrazo. Myriam Moreno.

  • Tendencias en Joyería
    By : Raul On 2019 11th February

    Hola Myriam, un post muy interesante. Claro y elegante. Me alegro que nuestro blog te haya servido de inspiración. Gracias por compartir el artículo.

    Replied by : Site Owner On 2019 11th February Muchas gracias por vuestro comentario y por vuestro contenido. Aquí estamos para lo que necesiten.