Author's jewelry brand by Spanish

artist and designer Myriam Moreno.

Born with the intention of dedicating part of her artistic creation to a wider public, creating pieces of portable art.

In her pieces, inspired by ancestral cultures and nature understood from the feminine universe, she reflects on the corporal adornment beyond gender and Western society. Research on the human body and nature are embodied in pieces with soul, which tell stories and transport us to other realities.



Myriam Moreno Martinez, was born in Valencia in 1990, although she travels through Europe with her family until 1994. In 2008 she enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos at the UPV. In 2012 she was awarded the PROMOE scholarship to the Central China Academy of Fine Arts, where she completed his degree. On her return to Spain she enrolled in L'Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny of Valencia in jewelry and objects.

She has also collaborated with media such as radio in "La Ventana de la Moda" on CV Radio.


She was awarded for her studies in jewelry with the Extraordinary Prize of Artistic Teachings of the CV and was selected by the Spanish jewelry brand Aristocrazy through its Aristocrazy Affairs program for which she designed a capsule to be launched in 2019.


Myriam Moreno has her workshop and showroom in Valencia, in the emblematic Russafa art district, located at Calle de Sueca nº41.

Since 2018 she lives and works between Valencia and Madrid, accepting orders and meetings by appointment in the capital.


"Conversations about gender, inspirations of nature, myths and

interculturality within contemporary language "

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