New editorial in Spaghetti Mag, with the photographs and art of Natalia Lafaurie, José Manuel Pradas, Montse Moya, Eddy Rodalt y Carola Grieben.

SpaghettiMag is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine founded by Emira M’Sakni, a cool hunter of Tunisian origin, who, thanks to his international experiences, fused influences and typical flavors from the eastern and western world in this project.
The magazine therefore has a multicultural soul, in fact it is written in Italian, Arabic and English and reviews trends by publishing its printed edition, as a collector’s item.

We had already participated in other editorials in Spaghetti Mag in its continuously updated digital version, A woman on the moon and Simulacro. This magazine with an international soul, deals with cultural, fashion and lifestyle issues with a contemporary language and vision.


Thus, consistent with the spirit of the publication, in this editorial the Artidi Escuela Superior team creates a series of artistic still lifes that evoke a timeless surreal world in which Myriam Moreno® jewels appear decontextualized and sometimes as a central element . A job that we love and in which we are very excited to be part.

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