Editorial Delusion Chamber

Editorial at French Fries, an independent (and not only) fashion magazine published and distributed internationally, a free magazine, completely outside the box, capable of interpreting the demands of the contemporary, ranging lightly from fashion to art.
Photo and art by Rojo 103 Visual.

Text by Matthew Burgos:

<<Melancholy in a pool of nostalgia. Two nouns that bind and unbind, an intimacy that falls and flows. Welcome to Rojo 103 Visual. The budding rose perches on the hoops of pearl earrings, all while a yellow bell pepper holds their boat. Stripped cloves of garlic in a hole of sand, permitting a gem to dangle through its bark. A hanging necklace around an egg microphone. Scallops shells that house diamonds on the cement block. An abandoned dress that sways against the gust of the wind, entangled in a crossroad of two poles. The opposites that work. The unorthodoxies that complement. The delusions that journey between the dreams and existence.>>

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