Coyotes wear jewelry

“Coyotes”: the most extravagant fashion on the street environments of Barcelona by Rebecca Escabrós

Coyotes editorial moda Rebecca Escabros con joyas de Miriam Moreno

Rebecca Escabrós, creative with great photographic sensitivity, has the jewels of Myriam Moreno® in her editorial for NEO2, Coyotes.
Since he finished his photography studies at the IDEP School (Barcelona), she has never ceased to amaze us with high-quality creative and photographic projects. She has worked in many productions in different sectors such as the musical or the fashion industry.

She was part of the editorial team in which our firm was also part, Arcimboldo. Now she once again has our jewels in this editorial where she combines art and street fashion in the city of Barcelona.
An editorial where she experiments with fashion and street style, framing in spaces such as workshops and bus stations, graffiti, street furniture … A true renewal of the street style, where “ugliness” takes on an extravagant beauty difficult to describe .

Judge for yourself, we are delighted that our pieces bring a halo, something special to these “coyotes” from cosmopolitan Barcelona.

Photography: Rebecca Escabrós (@rebeccascabros)
Art & style: Laila Victoria, Berta Fernandez, Sara Gabriela Mondragon y Maria Calvo
MUA: Mireia Samon Galera, Silvia Rivera Garcia y Yaiza García Lara
Models: Amy Maica, Pablo Felix, Kaido y Jozen
Greetings: Artidi Studio y Blend Showroom

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