The female body and its ability to create a new life has been adored since the earliest times.
You deserve the veneration of a goddess and with these pieces you will remember it.
A collection that has broken stereotypes by appearing in editorials for women’s fashion, but also for men! in publications like NEO2 or Sicky Magazine.
Permanent collection but not always in stock, so take advantage of their availability!

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ISIS ///

Venerated from ancient Egypt and later by Greeks and Romans, Isis was the most important protector goddess of the Mediterranean.
With these jewels you will not only achieve a unique style, you will also banish bad luck and attract fortune through its magical symbolism of the eye and the beetle.
It is a limited edition with special carved gems, so run before they are sold out!

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geometric link chain in sterling silver over boy torso


The chaining of Prometheus was unfair, like the chains that bind us to so many things in life.
But with this collection you will only tie yourself with your commitment to be happy and not stop fighting for what you believe is fair.
All our clients are delighted with these pieces as a choice for their day-to-day outfit. Get now undying jewels at affordable prices.


Pallas is the goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, combat strategy, science, justice and skill.
With these pieces inspired by the cactus of the Mediterranean landscape you will be able to enhance your most powerful and elegant side.
Some earrings that inspire the best stylists, appearing in media such as ELLE or L’Officiel and a spectacular brooch that both women and men like.
If you are looking for a fancy jewel or a set for a special occasion, you don’t have to look any further, Palas is for you.

pendientes de plata de ley con cristal color coral y forma de cactus


Jewelry collection inspired by the goddess Aphrodite, born from waters, this jewelry collection has pearls as its essential element. The minimalism of polished metal and the organic, irregular shapes of pearls, makes a perfect aesthetic balance for a jewelry collection inspired by the goddess of beauty.
Being made of stainless steel, it has been the choice of our allergic clients.
If you are looking for a collection original and beautiful and without allergy possibilities, this is the collection that we recommend.

Aphrodite earrings by Myriam Moreno stainless steel and baroque pearls


Selene is the goddess of the moon, an energy culturally associated with women, the harvest, and fertility. This collection is inspired by the moon phases with moonstone, the perfect gem for connecting with your inner goddess.
These have appeared in L’OFFICIEL Baltics and on the ears of many happy clients.

Note: Not all gemstones and options (red onyx, black onyx, labradorite, or moonstone) are not always available, so buy in advance in case they run out.

Selene black onix earrings
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God of the waters, he had also the cult title “earth shaker”, Poseidon is one of the most important gods of the Mediterranean culture.
Feel like the mighty Poseidon and make the earth shake with each of your steps by raising your power with these charms. These pieces have appeared in the most important fashion magazines on the international scene for its universal symbolism but also for its originality, since these are taken directly from real shark tusk fossils.
You won’t want to take it off, don’t wait any longer and acquire the most fashionable amulet you will find.

shark tooth necklace in sterling silver gold plated
Andromeda pebble simple necklace

Andromeda ///

Inspired by the story of Andromeda, this collection unites the stars with the sea, with stones from Mediterranean beaches carved and drilled by hand.
The perfect jewelry if you are looking for a fancy but organic look. If you are a boho person, Andromeda jewelry will make you fall in love.
Each piece is different because the stones are natural, so these have color and silhouette variations.

Jewely collections by Myriam Moreno

We believe that inner beauty and confidence are innate. What you wear on the outside is really a means of enhancing your natural beauty and self-assurance, as well as expressing who you truly are
We create jewels that are meant to become a part of you, made by hand in Spain, inpired by Mediterranean culture.

We create magical and meaningful jewels
Some of the jewelry pieces have symbols and words that harmonize with your intentions and commitments, amplifying and strengthening them. By simply looking at the jewelry you’re wearing, others will be able to see and comprehend your life statement, allowing you to open up to the real you.

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