Rings for the queen in you, these curated and designed collection of rings by Myriam Moreno, have one of a kind pieces for unique women like you. Ring size chart s,m, l or custom make.


Unique and limited edition necklaces to wear with any look. From minimalist pieces to delicate flower necklaces.


Tiaras, crowns and combs for women, brides and guests. Original designs and hair pieces to complement any party dress or give a more sophisticated look to your office outfit.


Original brooches with meaning by Myriam Moreno artist. One of a kind and limited edition broches and pins for jewellery sybarite.


Statement and limited edition earrings. Steel earrings with crystal, silver and gold with gems and other super original combinations to give a special touch to any look.


Wristbands to wear alone or in bulk, designed by Myriam Moreno for women and men. Made in Spain in stainless steel, brass, silver and gold. Bracelets to make the difference!