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These are our new designs ♥ 
Exclusive designs by Myriam Moreno®, inspired by Mediterranean culture. So, you will see that our collections have names of goddesses, witches, muses and treasures that we find on the beaches of the Mediterranean. Handcrafted in our workshop in a small town in Valencia, Spain. We seek with our limited production to have the minimum environmental impact. So run and place your order now!

We want to invite you to discover our latest online jewelry, our exclusive designs and upcyling apparel and discover the great selection of accessories and garments that we have made for you. Artisan jewelry made in our jewelry workshop in Valencia, Spain, garments made in our studio or by local artisans. We want to support the local economy and with our creations we seek to promote sustainable consumption and production, pieces that last over time and manufacturing according to demand. Because quality is better than quantity and we are responsible for creating the least environmental impact.
We are a non-gender label that creates designs for the international community that wants to feel free to choose the clothes they want. We are all unique and no one should condition our decisions.