Preview videoclip musicvideo Bellx Callada Arrepentida Ear cuff Myriam Moreno

Bellx, quiet and sorry

Callada arrepentida, “quiet and sorry”, is the title of the first single by Bellx, two Brazilian artists based in Barcelona, Belle Sacchi and Gabriel, who have come to stay in the Spanish music scene and to show us another perspective. How have migrants experienced the confinement?

“Quiet and regretful is how I don’t want to feel, that’s why I sing.”

Belle Sacchi for Metal Magazine.

Our ear cuff from the Sea Findins collection is part of an overloaded composition with classic references to the still life or still lifes that appear in the video of the single. An excellent work of artistic direction by May O. Caballero.

The video clip is recorded in Darial, directed by Laura Martinova and Fran Ríos as director of photography.

“I thought a lot about my family and friends who are far away facing this situation in a country so overlooked as Brazil.”

Belle Sacchi for Metal Magazine.

The makeup and hairdressing work of Jose Sequi together with the selection of the styling by Angela Ibañez result in this dreamlike and at the same time uncomfortable image, like a surreal dream, where art and fashion masterfully converge.

How excited we are to be part of this dream composition!

Preview videoclip musicvideo Bellx Callada Arrepentida Ear cuff Myriam Moreno

Why do we like Bellx?
Because it is risky, transparent, with sharp letters and a unique sound, not heard before by us.

It is a real honor to be part of such an interesting and committed project as the one that Bellx proposes.

✦ TEAM ✦
Vídeo and Portrait Laura Martinova
Photo Director Fran Rios
Art Director May O. Caballero
Stylist Angela Ibañez
Set Paula Guimaraes
MUAH Jose Sequi
Edition Nil Gallifa
Graphic Design Tiago Almança
Color Ignasi Gonzales
1st ac Alex Rios
2nd ac Nico Feriche y Adam Yadloviskiy
Brands Nigiri Studio, Bolaño, Victor Von Schwarz, Onrush, Myriam Moreno, Pablo Erroz

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