Preview videoclip musicvideo Bellx Callada Arrepentida Ear cuff Myriam Moreno

Belle Sacchi

Preview videoclip musicvideo Bellx Callada Arrepentida Ear cuff Myriam Moreno

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Belle from Isabelle. I am Brazilian by birth but I have been living in the world for a few good years. My house is where my loves are: My wife and my dogs. I dedicate myself above all to discovering what makes me happy. I am an actress by training and a passion singer. Music has created me and I follow it wherever it takes me. 

Tell us how you started your adventure.

I started my adventure very young at 12 years old. I worked in many plays, musicals, advertising campaigns … I hit the void a couple of years ago. Now at 23 I can say that the great adventure began when I gave myself the permission to show what my eye shines. To talk about my insecurities and fears and accept that I am not always strong.

What does being an artist and the music mean to you?

Being an artist is political. It is listening to yourself and your environment, understanding where you come from and learning to be proud of it. I spent a long time embarrassing myself but there comes a time when you realize that it does not make sense because you are what you have lived. Being an artist is to transcend and bless your own ghosts. Today I know mine, I talk to them and sing to them, they are always here and sometimes they inspire me to create very beautiful things. Music is pulse, breath, lightness and storm. It is shelter and enjoyment. Music is.

What are your influences?

A fresh MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) salad with Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Liniker and
James Blake. Gabriel, my partner who has the best references in the world and he has a well of knowledge and inspiration. From nature.

Where does your love for music come from?

It comes from being born with the need to express myself in all possible ways. Words are not enough to scream for a cause. Music has a very incredible power to hit you a host while you think it is caressing you and then after a while you realize the real meaning and see things with different eyes. Music is and makes you feel.

Share with us a book or album that inspires you a lot.

A book: Letters for a young poet. I know it’s pretty cliché but every time I read it again it brings me something new. An album: There are so many, but the last one I listened to 39722033 times was Rodrigo Cuevas’ Courtship Manual

What are your future projects?

Well, on May 27 we released 2 Horizons our new song. The future is far away hahah. I will focus on releasing songs and hopefully I can do live concerts that I am already dying of and make my music and poetry reach more people.

Define in a phrase what it means for you to be part of “The tribe of the wind”

A breath of inspiration and sisterhood.

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