Jewels care

All the pieces are handmade and with a special affection and although love can do everything, a little help does not hurt. All parts are shipped in protective packaging for proper storage, but we are going to share a few tricks.

1. Always avoid that your jewelry comes into contact with cosmetic products that could damage its color.

2. Avoid wearing your jewelry when cleaning, bathing, showering, swimming and particularly when you go to the beach.

3. Take off your jewelry before playing any sport. The pH of your sweat can damage the metal. Try not to sleep with the jewelry on. If your pH is very acidic, you will notice that your pieces change color, turn black, if this is the case, it is convenient to remove the pieces when you get home and clean them regularly.

4. To clean your jewelry, always use warm water and neutral pH soap.

5. If you use “immersion” silver cleaners to clean silver jewelry, do not leave your jewelry in the solution for more than a few seconds. Make sure to dry them properly after cleaning. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on jewelry. The chemicals in these cleaners are extremely strong; and they are likely to remove the plated surface. Use them only for silver and gold; and only when necessary, as they are not always the best solution. Do not try to clean damaged jewelry, the problem may get worse.

6. Check the gem settings to make sure all your gems are tightly closed, to prevent them from falling and being lost.

7. Do not expose your jewelry to sudden changes in temperature, as the gems could change color or even break.

8. To properly maintain your jewelry, you can use our special bag that comes with your piece. It is better to store each piece individually. Try to keep the chains closed and lay them flat to avoid knots.

9. Don’t try to fix damaged jewelry. You have a two-year guarantee. If you have any problems with your jewelry, we will help you for free if the damage is caused by design error. Contact us first or ask a professional to fix it if the problem is caused by other circumstances.