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Bath for connect with your Inner Goddess

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Each and every one of us has an inner strength, an intangible wisdom that connects us with everything and helps us to relativize our day-to-day concerns. Sometimes we forget this energy of mercy and drift into the depths of mind and routine. So becoming aware of this fundamental part of our being is important to overcome or avoid stress and anxiety pictures. Today I bring you a bath and ritual to reconnect with our Goddess or inner God that I hope will help you at least relax and get to know each other. a little more.

We will need a white candle, a sandalwood incense, 1L of almond milk and rose essence (you can also add the petals of a rose) and a jewel with a gem. The gem, preferably, can be a sea pebble, pearls, rose quartz or amethyst (in Sea Findings and Venus you can find some ideal pieces for this ritual). If you require it, you can put on some relaxing music in the background, although I personally prefer silence.

Ideally, you should perform this ritual on a new moon, to help you as a starting point and beginning, but it is not essential. Fill the tub with hot water, as hot as you can tolerate and feel comfortable. While the bathtub is being filled, pour in the liter of almond milk and 12 drops of rose essence and the petals of a rose if you have been able to find one.

Step into the bathtub and light (from inside the bathtub) the candle and the sandalwood incense. Stay seated and do not submerge or wet your head for now. Take your jewel in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize a great halo of light and love that arises from your heart chakra and that surrounds you. Concentrate and visualize how this energy merges with the jewel that is between your hands and the gem is impregnated with your positive energy. It is very important that you are completely focused and your feeling is positive.

person s hands in the water
Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina

When you’ll feel that your jewel has been charged, put it on and dive back completely, wetting your hair. Take a few minutes to relax and focus solely on loving thoughts. If you have intrusive thoughts, discard them and focus on those positive ideas and emotions, your inner goddess has many things to tell you and none of them will cause you negative feelings. Don’t be afraid to hear her through your ideas.

When you are about to leave, sit up again and take the candle between your hands. Thank your goddess for the messages you have received and ask her to accompany you through the gem of your jewel. Put the candle back down and get out of the tub carefully. It is important that you do not rinse or dry by rubbing, if you can air dry better, if not, surround yourself with a white towel and let it absorb the moisture.

To finish, empty the bathtub and leave the candle in a safe place until it burns itself, you can leave it inside the bathtub for example.

I hope this ritual will help you and if you have a moment, leave me a comment below to know if it has been useful for you, I will be very excited to read it.

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