Apollo, god of the arts

Apolo is the deity that gives its name to the first men’s collection by Myriam Moreno. For the classical Greeks, Apollo was the god of the arts, of the bow and arrow, who threatened or protected from above the heavens. He was worshiped as the light of truth, which led to him being considered the sun god. A curiosity considering that this was not the king of the gods, but his son. He was the son of Zeus and Leto and brother of the goddess Artemis, his twin, the archer. And his position as god of the arts makes him, in turn, god of beauty, perfection, harmony, balance and reason. He was considered the initiator of youth in the adult world, he was connected to nature, herbs and flocks. Acceptances traditionally related to the feminine and that he shared, in part, with his sister. He was a symbol of prophetic and artistic inspiration, being the patron of the most famous oracle of antiquity, the Delphi oracle and leader of the Muses.

In the Hellenistic era, when being related to the Sun, it passed from the epithet Apollo Helios to being identified by the Greeks with Helios, god of the sun, and in a similar way his sister Artemis was equated with Selene, goddess of the moon.

The cult of Apollo secretly persisted along with the advance of Christianity, until it was related to him and his attributes to the Devil. Paying tribute to him was prohibited and was synonymous with a death sentence. So much so that many of his sculptures were desecrated. One of the great confusions, in addition to the persecution of the pagan cults, was the snake with which it was often represented as an attribute, alluding to prophetic abilities.

Apart from mythology, our artist has chosen this god for the archetypal interpretation that Jean Shinoda Bolen gives him in his book “The gods of each man”. According to Bolen, the Apollo man sees clearly in the distance and reaches the goals he sets for himself in the long term. Look for clear definitions, value order and harmony. This gives him great self-confidence, an excellent aesthetic taste and a love for the arts.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that our designer has chosen this god as the patron of her first masculine jewels. The chosen gems are Labradorite and Black Labradorite, which help self-affirmation and confidence, and Amazonite, which is considered to help improve intuition.

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