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Addis Miller with our necklace

Ethiopian-British model, who runs Lifestyle Limitless, a nutrition and fitness company, wearing our star piece, our link necklace in sterling silver.

Addis is the influencer who appeared in the 2018 Taylor Swift music video End Game, featuring Ed Sheeran and Future. But his career has focused primarily on modeling and fitness, working as a coach and nutritionist.

His Instagram account already exceeds 750,000 followers and he has been in campaigns for a wide variety of brands, including SOS, BooHoo Man, Adidas, Nike X JD, British Airways and Newera.

addis miller profesional coach trainer
Photo by @josemartinezphoto

This is quite funny because I wouldn’t even say I’m highly into fashion myself. I love this industry and from my first experience right until the present day, I juggle various things and I’m always open to trying exciting opportunities. In terms of style, though, I’m that type of person who if something looks good, I’ll try whacking it on -and it doesn’t have to be apparel drawn from major designer houses

Addis with Fucking Young! Magazine

What is the necklace that Addis is wearing?


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